By Minet Kim

I am a person who does not read many books. Like you and so many others, I rely on the ever-interesting, perennial audio-video platforms that provide me with my daily dose of intellectual feed —the likes of YouTube videos, podcasts, clubhouse chats, text-to-speech converted blogs, Medium audio blogs and what not?

I have always felt that listening is much easier for me when compared to reading for ingesting good content. Apart from the audio content that I consume through the above-mentioned channels, do you know what else do I ingest largely? educational videos on Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, YouTube(again —…

In the Indian language Tamil, பூதம் (read as ‘boodham’) means genie/monster.

Why in the first place there has to be a boodham and that too particularly for the function of the product management? Isn’t monsters generally associated with the evil spirit and not-so-good intentions?

But our boodham here is not like the other monsters. Let’s not stereotype this guy. He is much like Maurice (the hormone monster on the Netflix series ‘Bigmouth’ or say Aladdin’s genie)

Need to know how this monster came into existence? Read to know more.

Birth of the boodham

He is a faceless monster (but he is super friendly)

Meet the PB (apparently he won't show its face)

Well, I…

Sriram Kishore

I am a product guy. Well, there's that.

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